Bulldog Window Sticker

Place this sticker on your car or any other window and show off your favorite dog breed! Easy application. Available in Small Outdoor Window Sticker (5.1″ x 4.1″), Large Outdoor Sticker (10.2″ x 8.2″), and Jumbo Indoor Removable Sticker (25.5″ x 20.5″). Custom sizes available upon special request.

The bulldog is a medium-sized dog with a wide head and shoulders, loose skin, and a short coat. They tend to have drooping lips, an underbite, and a very distinctive pushed-in nose. These dogs are known to be kind, courageous, and friendly… all qualities that make them great family pets! Share your love of this breed with a window or wall sticker today!

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Small Outdoor Window Sticker, Large Outdoor Sticker, Jumbo Indoor Removable Sticker


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