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How to get your size

Get a Great Fit!

You can get a great fit using the manufacturers’ size charts and a ruler. Here is how to do it!

  1. Go to your closet.
  2. Find a t-shirt that fits you the way a t-shirt should fit you.
  3. Take that t-shirt to a table or another flat surface and lay it down flat, start with the front of your shirt facing up.

How To Measure

About 2 inches below the arms, measure across the t-shirt. This is your body-width-half measurement that you should look for in the size charts.

Measure from the edge of the color down to the bottom seam. This is the body-height measurement you should look for in the size charts

Using the back of your shirt, measure from just below the center of the collar, along the sleeve top to get the “cbn” (center-back-neck) sleeve length. Depending on the garment you are measuring or purchasing, It is some times good to slightly bend the sleeve when measuring so that you can have a sleeve that does not “ride-up” when you flex your arms.

Women’s Fit Guide

These are guidelines for ensuring a correct fit for ladies products. We borrowed these guidelines from Augusta Sportswear because they do such a great job providing sizing specifications and a range of products for all types of bodies. Note that these are general guidelines for fit. Sometimes the cut or fabric of a garment will not fit within these guidelines. For example, sports bras will measure up to 1” smaller in chest and the Ladies Splash Jersey measures as fitted in the chest but the body of the garment is a loose fit. You should always refer to the manufacturer’s specifications for the specific product you are purchasing.

Loose fit: Relaxed fit with the generous amount of ease throughout; measures 3” – 6” over body measurement at chest. Loose fit tops drape over the body and allow for full range of motion without restrictions.

Fitted: Fits close to the body all over; measures 1”-4” under body measurement at chest. Fitted tops fit like a second layer of skin with extra fabric eliminated. This is not compression.

Semi-fitted: Cut to silhouette the body but with some ease; measures 1” -2” over body measurement at chest. Semi-fitted tops are cut close to the body and typically have more ease in the waist than in the chest.