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Fundraising with Sparkle Gear Rhinestone Bling

comets-wrestling-black-v-neck-t-shirtSparkle Gear provides a unique and highly profitable opportunity to engage the people who will most actively support your youth sports organization: the Moms!

Sparkle Gear’s custom rhinestone bling shirts, hats, bags, totes, car decals and accessories will be worn to every game, match and event. The stands will sparkle with your team logo and your player’s names. Sparkle Gear’s great products provide lasting enjoyment to your supporters, and continuous visibility for your organization.

Sparkle Gear Fundraising Program Highlights

  • Sparkle Gear has hundreds designs to start with and customize for your team, club, or organization. Sparkle Gear will also create custom designs for you and your group. Visit Sparkle Gear’s Design Gallery for ideas.
  • Choose gem colors that match your team colors. Customize how you want your team or organization name and logo to appear. Decide if you want to include player names, numbers or your own message.
  • Select the apparel and accessory items you want to offer with your design. Rhinestone bling shirts, sweatshirts, hats, car decals, totes, key chains are just some of the options.
  • You can offer the items to your supporters directly, and…
  • You also have the additional option to offer your items through the Sparkle Gear web store. This means you can send your fans, friends and supporters to your branded web page where they can make size and color selections, and personalize their items. Your items can be available year round. Your items can be available to people who may not be able to contact your in person.


keep-calm-im-a-baseball-mom-black-tank-topSparkle Gear has hundreds of designs from which to choose:

Available sports designs include: Baseball, Basketball, Bowling, Cheer, Dance, Equestrian, Fastpitch, Football, Golf, Gymnastics,Hockey, Karate, Lacrosse, Rowing, Running, Slow-pitch, Soccer, Softball, Swim, Tennis, Volleyball, Wrestling and more.

Dozens of ready to use bling mascots available, or let us customize one for you.

Customize with your team colors, team names, player names, etc.

For more information contact Sparkle Gear:

Website: www.sparkle-gear.com and www.sparkle-gear.com/fundraising.



  1. Tracy says:

    Hi, I run a non profit agency and we need to fundraise. Can I get info emailed to me for tshirts we can sell at events with custom designs that will still allow us to raise funds? We’re looking to earn more than a couple of dollars for each item sold. Is that something you offer? Thanks!!

    • Sparkle Jeff says:

      Hi Tracy,

      You can use any of our stock designs, or if you would like we can create something specific to your organization. Most of our fundraising starts right around 20% to the organization without having to make any kind of upfront purchases. The amount your group makes can change based on your specific needs. If you want to talk with us about how we can put something together specific to your organization please call Jeff @ 978-561-9663.

      – sg

  2. Melanie says:

    I would like to find out more about your sparkle gear fundraising. We are trying to raise money for our basketball team and I think sparkle shirts would be a HUGE hit. Please email me pricing information as soon as possible. Thank you!

    • Sparkle Jeff says:

      Hi Melanie!

      We would really like work with to setup a fundraising program for your team!

      The costs of items with a new custom design for your group will be comparable to other items on our site. The cost for the item completely depends on the number of rhinestones we use for the design and how many colors.

      Once we have your custom design done best way to get started is to purchase a small number of items with your design so you can wear them and show them off while you are selling them. After you collect your first big order for shirts, we will make them and then you and you can distribute them.

      Typically after the first wave of orders groups leave their items up in our web store so people can continue to buy them, even after the season. Take a look at the Our Gear section of our web site for some ideas on custom designs for your group.

      When people buy the items with your design from your “our gear” store, we will send you the portion of the sale due to your group.

      Best way to get started is to submit your custom design request at this link

      If you want to talk through the options please give us a call at 978-561-9663

  3. kennisha Donnelly says:

    hello we are a small cheer team that would like to do a t-shirt fundraiser preferably some with bling and some without. with the optional hoodie if possible. our mascot is the chess piece knight. our colors are forest green, white, silver and black.

    • Sparkle Jeff says:

      Hi Kennisha!

      Best way to get started is to submit your custom design request at this link. We’ll work with you to get the design done quickly. The small deposit is credited 100% to your future purchases.

      When you send the custom design request it is especially helpful to include links to your logo or mascot. If you have the original artwork that is super helpful.

      After you have approved your design we can get your fundraiser up and running quickly by offering the new custom design on all of our in-stock apparel and accessories. You can take the earnings from the fundraiser as cash, or use them to offset the cost of custom cheer uniforms, warm-ups or other items.

  4. Monita Smith says:

    I am the president for the football booster & would love to do a bling fundraiser. We did one last year with a different company & it was a Big hit!

    • Sparkle Jeff says:

      Hi Monita,

      IF you have some artwork with a logo or mascot that you can email us it would be great to look at before we talk. Drop it in an email to info@sparkle-gear.com and then give us a call at 978-561-9663. We can get your fundraiser up and running in no time at all!


  5. Kathi Mello says:

    I am interested in a fundraising program of your glitter/sparkle apparel for Allentown Central Catholic High School. Could you please send me more information?

    Many thanks!

    • Sparkle Jeff says:

      Hi Kathi,

      I just sent you an email with my phone number. Give me a call and we can talk about the options.

      Our most popular fundraising option is where we create a custom design for you. We create a special page in our store where offer that design on shirts, hoodies, bags and our other stock apparel and accessories. We then help you publicize the items to the group. As people buy your group earns a referral fee. We do the bulk of the work collecting and tracking the orders, and send you the money as it comes in.

      – jeff

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