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Create a New Rhinestone Design

Create a new rhinestone design from elements already in our store.  We don’t charge design or setup fees.  If you have an idea for a rhinestone design that we don’t yet offer fill out the custom rhinestone design request. If you want to use elements from rhinestone designs that you see in our existing rhinestone designs, that’s ok too.

Fill out the request on our web and we’ll get to work on your custom rhinestone bling. If you see a design you might like, but you want to change the stone colors to something other than what we show in our illustration let us know. We may be able to accommodate your request.

Tumble Kids Billerica Fall 2015

Welcome to the TKB 2015 Fall Collection Sale!

The prices below reflect a $15 per item discount AND include free shipping when you select pickup at Tumble Kids as your shipping option. This is a savings of about $40 on a Jacket/Action Capri Pants set!

tkb-coach-jacket-front tkb-coach-jacket-back-zoom tumble-kids-billerica-color-block-capri-black tkb-gymanstics-because-sparkle-is-a-state-of-mind-short-sleeve-crew-neck-black tkb-gymanstics-because-sparkle-is-a-state-of-mind-short-sleeve-girls-crew-neck-black

Ladies TKB Jacket
Girls TKB Jacket
TKB Action Capri Pants
Free TKB Tee Shirt Offer

Special Offer

Order a Jacket with Action Capri Pants BEFORE Friday September 4 and get a FREE “Sparkle is a State of Mind” TKB Tee Shirt (Ladies or Girls)!

This ladies T-Shirt is normally priced at $29.35!

Tumble Kids Billerica LADIES Jacket Ladies Freedom Jacket

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Tumble Kids Billerica GIRLS Jacket Girls Freedom Jacket

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TKB Action Capri Pants

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Free Sparkle is a State of Mind Tee Shirt with Purchase of Jacket and Action Capri Pants


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Fundraising for Teams, Schools, Clubs and Non-Profits

Sparkle Gear Fundraising for Teams, Schools, Clubs and Non-Profits

Sparkle Gear provides a unique and highly profitable opportunity to engage the people who will most actively support your group, The Moms!

Sparkle Gear’s custom rhinestone bling shirts, hats, bags,  totes, car decals and accessories will be worn to every game, match and event. The stands will sparkle with your team logo and your player’s names. Sparkle Gear’s great products provide lasting enjoyment to your supporters, and continuous visibility for your organization.


Sparkle Gear Fundraising Program Highlights

  • Sparkle Gear has hundreds designs to start with and customize for your team, club, or organization. Sparkle Gear will also create custom designs for you and your group. Visit Sparkle Gear’s Design Gallery for ideas.
  • Choose gem colors that match your team colors. Customize how you want your team or organization name and logo to appear. Decide if you want to include player names, numbers or your own message.
  • Select the apparel and accessory items you want to offer with your design. Rhinestone bling shirts, sweatshirts, hats, car decals, totes, key chains are just some of the options.
  • You can offer the items to your supporters directly, and…
  • You also have the additional option to offer your items through the Sparkle Gear web store. This means you can send your fans, friends and supporters to your branded web page where they can make size and color selections, and personalize their items. Your items can be available year round. Your items can be available to people who may not be able to contact your in person.

Sparkle Gear has hundreds of designs to choose

For more information contact Sparkle Gear:

We love Bloggers that do Reviews and Giveaways!

We are super proud of the quality and variety of all of our products, our customer service, and our custom design capabilities.  We want to get the word out!

When people see our products first hand they are amazed. That’s why we like to work with the individuals and small businesses that tell the world what they really think, based on first knowledge.  These are the bloggers.

If you know of a blog or blogger that does product reviews and/or giveaways, has readers that might like our products, please tell us in comment below. Include the blog address, blog name and if you have it the bloggers contact information.  One referral per comment please!

We will reach out to any blogs you point us to and try to arrange a product review and giveaway.  Sparkle Gear will offer the blogger a product of their choice at a steep discount.  If the blogger likes the product and decides to publish a review Sparkle Gear will do a bunch of things.

  • Sparkle Gear will give the blogger a nice coupon code to pass on to their readers.
  • We will also run a giveaway and give entrants chances to win if they visit the bloggers site.  This brings new readers to your favorite blog and helps them keep the lights on.
  • But new readers alone don’t pay the blog bills. So as a thanks for introducing their readers to Sparkle Gear we will give the blogger a portion of the sales from the item they review for the week or two  immediately after the review is published.

If you are a blogger and stumble across this post, feel free to leave your contact information in a comment, or you can email us directly and get the ball rolling.

Sport Team Fundraising Anyone?

Hello Friends,

We have been making a lot of custom Baseball, Football, Golf, Soccer, and other sports themed Sparkle Gear for the fall season…and we got to thinking…

Do you think it would be a good idea to have a fundraising program so that you could use our custom gear to raise money for your team or school? We would contribute a substantial portion of the proceeds of each item sale back to the team.

Let us know your thoughts.

If you or someone you are interested, or know someone who would be, let’s talk!