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Artists Community Program

We are starting to roll out our Sparkle Gear Artists Community program.  During the next weeks and months we will open up the program to more and more Rhinestone Artists.  If you are interested in participating as an early adopter please register to see more details and get contact information.

Sparkle Gear Artists Community is designed to help you:

  • Showcase your creativity to the Rhinestone Bling community
  • Sell more of your designs
  • Make your designs available on wider selection of Gear (handbags, totes, hats, decals, etc)
  • Continue being creative and not spend all of your time in production activities
  • Offer the highest qaulity  product

In short, you get to have more fun and make more money…and get to sell your cool stuff!

Send us an email at info@sparkle-gear.com if you are interested in learning more



  1. Robbyn says:

    This may be a silly question but do I just buy the transfer and then I iron it on a shirt or sweatshirt of my choice? Please let me know as I am interested in the Kiss My Cleats for Soccer and Kiss My Cleats for Softball.

    Thank you,

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